Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Jitters

I can be awfully superstitious at times. For example, when I was younger (that is to say, in my teens), I often thought that if I wasn't actually watching them on TV, Brasseur and Eisler would be able to skate flawlessly, whereas paying attention would cause them to choke.

I've been applying the same principle so far to the Democrats in the midterm elections. I've been hearing a lot about their prospects to take back the House of Representatives, and maybe even squeak out enough wins to control the Senate. But I've almost been avoiding reading too much coverage of the races, for fear of jinxing them. I'm convinced that if I watch the returns tonight, it will facilitate the same sort of choking (or electoral fraud success) that we saw in 2004.

So if the Republicans maintain control of both houses tonight, you'll know that I tuned into CNN this evening.

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