Friday, October 20, 2006

I deny all responsibility for any Norwalk outbreak in Quebec City

It's been over a week since the now-confirmed Norwalk virus hit Mount Allison, and the number of new cases appears to have declined steeply - although, contrary to this CBC report, there have been new cases since Wednesday. Well, there have either been new cases, or a bunch of my students are being less than honest. I, however, still seem to be in reasonably good health, and just got back from a quick trip up to Quebec City to participate in a seminar at Laval University. I repeat - I'm healthy, so I'm not patient zero for any Quebec City outbreak. (Although I'll bet good money that someone at Mount A. has a girlfriend/boyfriend at St.FX!)

To weigh in with my two cents, I think that the administration here has done a reasonably good job handling the crisis, especially since many of the people handling it, including our VP Academic, are new in their jobs. Given that Mount A. only has one part-time nurse practitioner, things could have been much worse. I'm still a little antsy about touching door knobs, and I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my office. But the worst of the crisis does seem to have passed.

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