Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meanwhile, the United States is getting set to gut due process

This story, about soon to be passed legislation in the United States, isn't getting nearly enough attention. The United States Congress is in the process of passing a bill effectively denying habeas corpus to detainees held in overseas prisons. The Globe and Mail isn't even covering it on their website.

That's right, the United States, in its hysterical abandonment of its senses, is about to deny detainees a right which we here in Canada guarantee under Section 10(c) of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and our national newspaper doesn't think this is news yet. The CBC has it buried way down in its online international news coverage, below such rivetting news as Tory allegations that the Liberals left the Ministry of the Environment in a mess (no doubt a calculated shot at Dion before delegate selection weekend).

It's a very sad commentary on the state of the world when the United States is taking apart the due process of law and not only are we not outraged by this, but we don't even think it newsworthy.

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At 12:16 pm, Anonymous Radical Centrist said...

The Globe does have a story on it.

At 12:19 pm, Blogger Matt said...

Today they do - now that it's a done deal. When I wrote this post yesterday, and over the past week as this bill was working its way through Congress, and potentially stoppable, or revisable, it wasn't considered noteworthy.


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