Thursday, September 28, 2006

Endorsements of various sorts...

Although I haven't posted much on the Liberal leadership race in the past few months, I've been following this race keenly.

A few recent endorsements have piqued my interest:

First, Calgary Grit's spoof of the "leaked memo" from the Conservatives saying that they are most afraid of Michael Ignatieff (and implying that they would prefer to face Bob Rae) is a fun piece of political satire. Anyone who takes this supposed leak as anything other than a Tory attempt to muck about with the leadership race is a fool.

Paul Wells and A BCer in Toronto offer their observations about Liza Frulla's endorsement of Ignatieff. Martinites opposing Dion's candidacy is hardly a shocker.

And finally, Rick Mercer, finally back in blogging form, offers the wry observation that Liberal candidates are accepting endorsements from the dead - Bob Rae recently having accepted the endorsement of Hedy Fry. Harsh, but darned funny!

I'm still trying to decide where I stand with regards to the leadership race. I'm not a current Liberal party member, but this decision could bring me back into the fold. Right now, I'm leaning towards either Stéphane Dion or Bob Rae. Both have some unfortunate political baggage in their home provinces, but their ideological positions are closer to what I could see supporting, for reasons I'll explain in a more detailed post.

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At 11:06 am, Anonymous Douglas said...

I've been reading your blog with interest, mainly in hopes of keeping on top of events in Sackville, but I thought I'd add to a political discussion. I'm working on the idea that the Liberals are currently choosing their next two leaders, whom I imagine will be Rae and Ignatieff, though perhaps not in that order. Ignatieff seems to be the guy who could out-Harper Harper on the international front, whereas Rae might be attractive as someone who would be happy to manage the gentlemen's agreements that underlie Liberal administrations. I figure they'll choose one, but keep the other in reserve for a coronation five or ten years down the line.


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