Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia

A couple of months ago, I blogged about Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia. It turns out that the courts agreed with my positions. Nova Scotia's ban on Sunday shopping, challenged by the Atlantic SuperStore and Sobey's grocery store chains, was ruled invalid today by the Nova Scotia courts, and Premier MacDonald has agreed to clear the path for full Sunday shopping in the province.

This makes me feel somewhat more optimistic today, in light of my previous post about the god-fearin' laws that the federal conservatives are trying to pass. But only somewhat.

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At 9:00 am, Anonymous Maurice said...

I wrote a blog entry on Sunday shopping well before the vote on the matter, and it drew many (thinly veiled and often contradictory) comments from the "Save our Sundays" people. My position has always been that there shouldn't be legislation governing when businesses should and should not be opened, save a few exceptions for stat holidays. I believe there should be protections for workers so that they won't be forced to work on a given day, whether for religious (not just Sunday, but Friday or Saturday as well depending on the religion) or practical reasons (e.g., a single parent not having access to child care on a given day). I also think redistributing hours of opening for retail is an idea that has not been considered (i.e., if there is not much demand for stores to be opened on Mondays, why bother), but such determination should be left to retailers themselves. But the contradiction I kept hearing was, on the one hand, that the same amount of money would be spent over more hours of shopping and, on the other hand, businesses that would choose to close on Sunday would lose money. What really got me, though, is the sentimental argument about how Nova Scotia is/was unique and wonderful because there was no Sunday shopping, as if living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world weren't enough...


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