Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tantramar debate / Post-secondary education

Well, it's been almost a full week since I emailed a series of questions to all three candidates about their positions on post-secondary education. So far, there has been no response. Let's hope they are all busy preparing for tomorrow's (September 7) debate at the Live Bait Theatre at 7 PM. Perhaps some answers will be forthcoming then.

The Liberals do seem to be busy rolling out their post-secondary education package. I'm not convinced that the $2000 grant to each first year university student is a great idea, for reasons I'll develop more in a further post. The tax rebates for university graduates who choose to return to or stay in the province strikes me as having some potential for slowing the tide of young people leaving the region. If I could see some programs designed to improve funding for the universities themselves, which would attract more foreign and out-of-province students, then I'd be more impressed.

UPDATE 10:53 PM: I'm heading off to bed, but just got my first set of replies, from the NDP. I'll post more on this tomorrow, with additions from the debate.

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