Monday, August 14, 2006

Renewing downtown Sackville

Well, it's taken them three days, but the CBC finally has an online story about the fire that destroyed several businesses and apartments in downtown Sackville.

Another building was torn down this morning - #8 York Street, which used to house the Wine Rack and a number of apartments. There is a gaping hole in the centre of Sackville right now, which is rather disconcerting.

I'm extremely curious to know what is going to be done with this lot. For the past year of living in Sackville, I have found it a rather depressing building. The Pirate's Cove restaurant, which was right on the corner, has been vacant for the past year - hardly the sign of a vibrant downtown business community. Indeed, downtown Sackville has been in need of some serious renewal. One of the other business premises that was destroyed was also vacant, having most recently been a tattoo parlor, and occasional art-show space. Three doors down, Remy's Bistro hasn't been open in the past year, and only had a bit of life recently as Domenic Leblanc's campaign headquarters. I have not heard ringing endorsements of the quality of the apartments that used to be in the destroyed Dixon Block either.

This could be a major opportunity for town renewal. There has been a drift of business out of the town core towards the highway, and it would be nice to see a town plan emerge to revitalize the town core, possibly with that lot as an anchor. Frankly, even a town square (for Christmas trees, etc.) would be a nice start. But there is a crying need for some improvements to the town core, and I am eager to see the town leaders try to make the best of a bad situation here.

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At 6:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that spot would be great for a new library and rec centre. The current library is way too small and the rec centre (that building in the park behind the library) is also in need of repair. So, a new civic building housing the two I think would be great new anchor to the downtown. We hardly need new commerical space or even student housing.


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