Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Sackville Fire

Our little town was stunned by a massive fire last night, which destroyed several businesses and apartments at the main intersection in Sackville, on the corner of Main and Bridge streets. I expect that this will make the news on CBC and CTV shortly (their crews were milling about the intersection this morning), but in the meantime, there is good initial coverage and photos of the aftermath at the blog of William Wolfe-Wylie, editor of the Argosy, Mount Allison's student paper.

No people were killed in the fire, but a number of pets died, and the businesses at that intersection are destroyed.

UPDATE - AUGUST 14: I've noted a lot of traffic to this page from around the world from people who are seeking to find out more about the fire. Unfortunately, while this story has received television coverage on CTV and CBC, there is still nothing on their websites, nor on the Sackville town webpage. Your best bet for the most recent details on what is happening is to go to the series of posts from August 11th onward at William Wolfe-Wylie's blog. A site for relief efforts has also been established at Project Rebuild.

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