Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Royal Rebranding

In light of this week's ministerial command to "hang the Queen" in Canada's embassies abroad here are some comments from me in a story by Sarah Boesveld in the National Post. For the record, I'm shocked, shocked(!) by what Rudyard Griffiths had to say.

Well, actually, I'm not shocked at all. He said precisely what you'd expect the founder of the Dominion Institute to say.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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At 6:39 pm, Anonymous Maurice said...

I totally agree with your analysis, Matt. However, it just occurred to me that maybe this is all part of a provocation on the part of the "Harper government" to pry open a new round of constitutional talks despite assertions to the contrary. On the surface, the Conservatives are playing to their base. However, if we were to add this to true Senate reform, electoral reform, and the current non-inclusion of Québec in the Constitution, not to mention the disarray and relative weakness of sovereignty movement in Québec, the list would be long enough to force reopening the Constitution.

I realize that some would say this is not the right time given worldwide economic uncertainties. But then, the Statute of Westminster and the repatriation of the Constitution both occurred during such turbulent times, did they not?

Maybe I'm totally off here, but I'd be interested to hear what an expert like yourself thinks of my little "conspiracy theory." :)


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