Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ontario Election: NDP gives up on Guelph, saves me a decision

I try so darned hard to support the NDP. I am sympathetic to their message of social justice, of social welfare programs, of equitable treatment for Canadians. I have had great respect for many of the party's leaders past and present. If only I could ignore their local candidates, literature and e-mails.

The following quote is from a message that arrived in my inbox today from the local candidate's - James Gordon - campaign, announcing the opening of the campaign office, which will feature an appearance by MP Charlie Angus:

"Guitars in hand, James and Charlie are going to send a message through song: we can win this riding, and work together to build an even better Guelph and Ontario.

Sending a message through song?!? Seriously?! In an election where the Mike Harris acolyte Mike Hudak (be prepared for multiple references to "the evil forces of Hudak" for the remainder of the campaign, kids) is poised to potentially topple the McGuinty government, the local NDP is going with a message of song? What sort of hippie bull is this? And this follows on the "summer of listening" email from July. I thought it was bad in 2007 when the NDP candidate ran on the message of "vote for me because I am an immigrant woman of colour" platform, but apparently the depths of the no-hoper barrel had yet to be plumbed.

In one sense, this makes my decision easier, narrowing my potential vote candidates to two. But I'm really disappointed that in a riding with a sizable left-wing population, the NDP continues to put up candidates that could not possibly appeal beyond the hardest of the hardcore 60s radicals.

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At 10:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am afraid I missed the point. The candidate is a musician... he will sing on the campaign. What's the big deal?

Seems to me he is following in the footsteps of Bob Rae, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, e.t.c...

At 4:20 pm, Anonymous Eamon said...

The problem is that he made himself sound like a hippie that isn't taking this seriously... Harper sang, but it wasn't a central part of his campaign (I don't even think it was done during a campaign...)

At 8:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Harper sang during the campaign. Here is the story http://www.680news.com/news/national/article/204784--harper-joins-lady-gaga-superfan-maria-aragon-to-croon-lennon-tune

Maybe it's because I didn't see the letter that M.Hayday was quoting from, but I am not surprised that a candidate would sing at his campaign launch.

I haven't decided how to vote myself (I don't live in Guelph anyway), but making one's decision based on this episode seems very strange to me.

At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Merrikate Wilson said...

A strange prejudice to turn you against a candidate, PtM. Why not give James and Co a hearing or two? After all, he is a respected and well-known dynamic social activist of many years -- who happens to make his living as a musician. THAT is pure "NDP" to me -- smart, savvy, experienced and dedicated to the wellbeing and opportunities of ordinary folk like me.


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