Sunday, May 13, 2007

And then there was one. Third time the charm for Marois

I don't think anyone would have predicted a week ago that Gilles Duceppe would essentially be forced out of the PQ leadership race due to an underwhelming level of support from the party. But it seems that this is the case, and that Pauline Marois' third run at the leadership of the party will be unopposed.

Never let anyone tell you that Quebec's politics aren't the most interesting in the country.

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At 2:19 pm, Blogger J@ckp1ne said...

I normally don't pay much attention to politics in other provinces but things in Quebec have been quite interesting recently and I have been following it abit more.On another note I didn't even know there was an election on in Manitoba.

At 2:44 pm, Blogger Vallée said...

So Duceppe is «returning» to the Bloc. He lost credibility.

We all knew that, in politics, 6 months is an eternity. Duceppe proved us that 6 hours is an eternity considering is u-turn.


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