Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random budget-related thoughts

I may or may not develop a more coherent post on the budget than this one, but here are some initial thoughts:

1) Equalization: Keep smoking that bong, Flaherty, if you think that you've got out of the "fiscal imbalance" quagmire for good. The fact that you've attached strings (like accountability provisions) to some of the new transfers, including post-secondary education, will be cited as evidence of a federal effort to continue to control how this money is spent.

2) "New York, here I come!": This little tidbit must be aimed to secure the affluent gay vote. I'm actually really pleased to see the 48-hour traveller's exemption double - up to $400. Now I can buy those pairs of shoes that I want on my weekend jaunts to New York - and have room left over on my allowance for a nice bottle of alcohol!

3) Post-Secondary Education: More money for graduate students is always welcome. But you'll note that of the 1000 new scholarships being created, only 200 are going to SSHRC, whereas the bulk of graduate students in this country are in the humanities and social sciences. I'm not surprised, given the focus of this government on business-friendly education, but still somewhat disappointed.

I may update this post periodically today as I read through other sections of the budget...


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At 8:58 am, Blogger Idealistic Pragmatist said...

The SSHRC money is also earmarked for business and economics! *eye roll*


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