Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quebec election - Debate Night

Tonight is the leaders' debate in the Quebec election campaign. With two weeks remaining until election day, and poll numbers fluctuating pretty wildly, this event effectively kicks off the "real" campaign in some respects. Tonight voters will get to watch Charest's first leaders' debate where he has to defend his record, and we'll see if either Boisclair or Dumont are able to score significant points - or if they find themselves fending off attacks themselves.

The other shoe will drop next week with the announcement of the federal budget. From recent reports, Alberta Premier Stelmach is seeming mollified as well. Will this budget end up being everything that we've been led to expect, with hefty new subsidies for equalization? Where will that money be coming from? Will Dalton McGuinty dare attack the Harper budget with a week left in the Quebec election campaign, or will he hold his fire until the votes are in?

And apropos of absolutely nothing - I'm now into my tenth week of waiting for my renewed passport. Health care wait times are bothering me less than passport wait times at the moment.

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