Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On the eve of a Quebec election

Forgive me for my extended absence, gentle readers. I've been coming to terms with turning thirty. I've made it through some delightful festivities none the worse for wear, and am ready to start a new decade of my life feeling refreshed and only moderately hung over.

And what excitement there shall be in terms of political life! After six weeks of nothing but the environment - an important issue, but one about which I am woefully underinformed, Quebec is about to take centre stage again. So much excitement, so much speculation, so many possibilities for egregious gaffes!

Will Andre Boisclair say something to alienate the separatist troops? Will Harper pretend that he believes in a fiscal imbalance to help Charest get elected? Will Mario Dumont manage to win more than four seats? Will Stephane Dion say something about an issue other than the environment in the next five weeks? Will Jacques Parizeau or Bernard Landry say something truly offensive? Stay tuned for the answer to these questions and more, as the election campaign begins on Ash Wednesday...

After doing my best to get psyched up about the New Brunswick battle of the bland, this is going to be quite the doozy of a campaign!


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