Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The curse of the CBC comedy continues

Since I was already watching the Mercer Report last night (and while I'm on the subject, why aren't Canadian journalists writing the same kind of scathing attacks on Conservative policies, like the Accountability Act, as our comedians are?), I stayed tuned for the very heavilly promoted Little Mosque on the Prairie.

The show was overhyped, and overexposed, and I expected to be disappointed. In that, at least, I was not disappointed. CBC's answer to Corner Gas tried very hard, but in my opinion, came across as far too earnest. It got a few genuine laughs from me, but most of the jokes were forced and obvious, and the tacked on feel-good ending made me feel vaguely nauseous. Perhaps the show will settle in over time, and become less cluttered as characters become established. But I rather suspect that once it is moved away from its timeslot after the Mercer Report, it will lose whatever audience it had this week. I'm not sure what it is about the sitcoms what CBC produces that makes them feel so clunky. Their sketch comedies are usually top notch, and I've heard good things about the dramatic programming. Unfortunately, Little Mosque is not going to break the pattern.

For those who are wondering, I am actually quite eager to get back to posting on political events - there just hasn't been much to attract my attention over the winter break. I had resisted the urge to crack jokes about the logistics of the US police tracking biathlete Myriam Bedard in the winter (really, would you want to track someone who won an Olympic medal for shooting?), but the Khan defection and the image of the NDP-Harper "coalition of the willing" didn't really warrant full posts. Let's hope that future weeks bring more interesting news!

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