Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Canada Day! From Tommy Hunter to Kalan Porter

Tomorrow is Canada Day (Dominion Day to those of you who haven't got with the program since 1982). This day has taken on new significance to me in the past three years, as it is the subject of my current research. I'm doing a study of July 1st celebrations (mainly focussing on those in Ottawa) since the Second World War as a case study in how Canada's national identity has changed in that period (at least in the minds of the government and CBC organizers). It's been very interesting research so far.

As my Canada Day present to you, I give you a snapshot of the line-up from 1977, the year after the PQ was elected, when Ottawa organized a coast-to-coast 4-hour televised special which aired on all but 2 radio and TV stations in the country. After that is the listing for 2005 (which apparently will not be televised this year). Trace the changes, if you so desire... (it's more striking if you look at the early 60s, but other than Alex Trebek and the Travellers, it's mostly amateur talent).

- Ann Mortifee (Vancouver, BC)
- Tommy Hunter, Roy Warhurst, Donna & Leroy (Drumheller AB)
- Ted Wesley, Charlie Panigoniak, Joe Lutchan, Angus Beaulieu, Delta Dancers (Yellowknife NWT)
- Glory-Anne Carriere, Jim Roberts, The Dumptrucks (Regina SK)
- Buffy Ste-Marie, Tom Jackson, Reg Bourese, Gerry Saddleback (Broken Head Reserve, MB)
- Bobby Gimby, Keath Barrie, Hagood Hardy, Salome Bey, Mary Ann McDonald (Toronto ON)
- Ginette Reno (Montreal QC)
- Anne Murray (Springhill NS)
- John Allan Cameron, Young Acadian Singers, Robbie MacNeil, Alvin Gillis, Evangeline Dancers, Cape Breton Symphony (Summerside PE)
- Rufus Pritchard, Breakwater Boys (St. John’s NF)
- Jean Gascon, Bruno Gerussi, Al Waxman, Juliette, Jean Carignan, Les sortileges, Winston Wuttunee, Redbird, Renée Claude, Patsy Gallant, Shumka Dancers, Karen Kain, Frank Augustyn, René Simard (Ottawa ON)

- Sam Roberts (QC)
- Kalan Porter (AB)
- Corneille (QC)
- Kathleen Edwards (ON)
- Measha Brueggergosman (NB)
- Jeremy Fisher (BC)
- Asani (AB)
- Lulu Hughes (QC)
- Old Trout Puppet Workshop (AB)
- Frères Diouf (QC)
- Campbell Brothers (ON)

Bonne fête du Canada!

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