Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pat O'Brien, M.P., Pinhead

I thought that I was being funny this morning when I said the only way that Bill C-38 wouldn't pass was if a few Liberals upset over it acted like complete idiots and decided it was better to force an election than allow the legislation to pass. It seems I spoke too soon as O'Brien and "an unnamed M.P." are thinking of doing just this. O'Brien is demanding a promise, in writing, that Bill C-38 will not pass before the fall, or he will not vote against the government in one of tonight's non-confidence motions.

If Paul Martin signs the deal, he deserves to have a few Liberals who support the legislation topple him instead - it would be an act of ultimate cowardice. Hopefully he'll have a tiny spine on this one.

My prediction? No deal with O'Brien, but a few planes won't arrive in Ottawa bearing their Conservative M.P.'s. Or the Queensway will be flooded, blocking traffic at 10:00 PM. Or a sudden case of flu will sweep the building. Somehow, just enough Conservatives will not make it for the vote, no matter what O'Brien does.

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At 10:33 pm, Blogger bruce said...

Agreed, Pinhead is the best desription I'v heard so far, I might use it myself.


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