Thursday, May 19, 2005

Le vrai scandale de 1995

This Montreal CBC story will likely never make the national headlines, given the brouhaha in the House of Commons. This is a pity, because if true, it confirms what many anglophones in Quebec have long believed: that the 1995 Referendum in Quebec was corruptly administered, and thousands of "Non" ballots were illegally rejected in predominantly anglophone and allophone ridings. The source for this? Former PQ Cabinet Minister Richard Le Hir.

I wonder if we would have a sponsorship scandal today (and indeed if the program would exist), if the margin of victory in 1995 had been its actual 6%, rather than the post-"spoiled ballots" 1%.

I hope this doesn't get completely buried in the budget hoopla.

UPDATE: A more in-depth article is available on the Montreal Gazette's website.

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