Thursday, March 24, 2005

Checks and Balances

This will be a short post, as I'm still under the weather. I hope to have a coherent post on the new Senate appointments sometime soon.

I'm relieved to see that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Schiavo appeal today.. This story is truly incredible to watch. It is hard to believe that Congress would meddle so obviously with the clear will of several years worth of court decisions and the will of this woman's husband. (That President Bush would do so surprises me not at all.)

I've long been an advocate of euthanasia, but this case really drives home my thinking on it. The thought of being kept alive for 15 years in a vegetative state is truly appalling to consider.

Hopefully America's politicians will not intervene again. If they do, it means that one can no longer count on the system of checks and balances, and we can kiss an independent and functional American judiciary good-bye.

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