Tuesday, February 01, 2005

139 MPs have a spine and a heart

Apparently 139 Members of Parliament are willing to openly state their support for the federal government's same-sex marriage legislation. 118 are openly homophobic, and the rest are chickens. At least the balance is currently tipped in favour of the "yes" side.

I'm not surprised that most of the Conservative caucus is opposed. They have been opposed since day one. I'm proud of those, like James Moore and Belinda Stronach who are willing to stand up for their convictions and see this as an equality/human rights issue.

I'm fully in support of Jack Layton whipping his caucus on this issue. The NDP ran a campaign in support of same-sex marriage, and views this as a human rights issue that should not be decided by the whims of the majority. Good for him. If Bev Desjarlais does not develop a sudden cold on voting day, and shows up to vote against the legislation, she should be severely punished for her actions, and lose her critic portfolio. A woman who doesn't believe in equality for gays and lesbians is not someone that I want formulating the party's health care critiques. Perhaps doctors should be able to refuse to treat gay patients, eh Bev?

Good on the Bloc for supporting the legislation. I may not like their vision of Canada and federalism, but I tend to like their stance on social issues, and their justice critic was one of the most eloquent speakers on the day that the Supreme Court decision came down.

As for the Liberals, this is why I switched my party allegiances. I cannot support a party that will not support me. Hiding behind "the will of my constituents" as people like Derek Lee and Byron Wilfert are doing, is a crock. It masks their own opinions, voting records and public statements against same-sex rights. A good leader leads on moral and human rights issues, and does not let prejudice and bigotry of the masses guide their stance. These MPs are failing to do this.

Hopefully more MPs will grow a spine, or, if they are leaning no, develop a bad case of spring flu.

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At 9:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: Bev Desjarlias is the CIDA & Transportation critic. Jean Crowder is the Health critic.

At 11:01 am, Blogger Matt said...

I stand corrected. But I'm still in favour of tossing her from caucus if she votes against the legislation.


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