Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Paul's Rant" doesn't have quite the same alliterative cachet

With the name dropping about his friendship with Rick Mercer and now entitling his latest highly enjoyable post "Stephen Harper: a rant", one wonders whether Paul Wells is somewhat enamoured of everyone's favorite star of (formerly) Monday Report. That being said, the post is really worth a read.

As I'm writing this, the House is still playing "will-they-or-won't-they" about summer sittings. Watching a bit of CTV Newsnet last night, I was very impressed at how intelligent and direct Libby Davies was sounding, compared with the infantile "he-said/we-said" game being played by Mauril Belanger and John Reynolds. I hope that her approach of "finishing this important job" actually carries the day. I imagine that many Canadians would be thrilled to know that Parliament was actually doing something, rather than playing silly partisan games. But I've basically lost any confidence in sanity prevailing within the Ottawa Greenbelt.

I'm going to go hide in New Brunswick for a few days, a province which seems poised to become the ninth jurisdiction in Canada to legalize gay marriage.

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At 7:05 am, Anonymous Paul Wells said...

Actually, Rick's not really a friend, although we're now to the point where we exchange mumbled greetings when we bump into each other at political events. But he did send me a note about the new blog, which I turned into a clearly unfunny riff on name-dropping. There. That's the True Story.


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