Saturday, February 18, 2012

Canada at the breaking point? Justin Trudeau, Le Devoir and Me

Just a quick post this weekend to link to a story in Le Devoir today by Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, occasioned by Justin Trudeau's recent remarks about how the possibility of living in a Canada whose identity actually did correspond to the refashioning that PM Harper has undertaken could make him contemplate Quebec separatism. I am quoted in a couple of places in that piece.

For the non-French readers among you, the gist of my comments refer both to the wholesale ramping up of the pace and ideologization of the new Conservative majority government's policy agenda, and to my view that it's not just, or even primarilly Quebecers who are opposed to this (as other commenters in the piece suggest), but that there is widespread anger and concern amongst progressives throughout Canada. I'd add, and I said this to the journalist, that I don't think it is constructive to express these frustrations in the language of regional separatism, given how widespread this dissent to Harper is, but rather to make much more of an effort to draw connections between what is a rather widespread current of opposition.

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