Sunday, August 31, 2008

Psychopathic Election Vandalism

The Guelph Mercury reported yesterday on a vandalism spree that went after homes with Frank Valeriote's campaign signs. Over a dozen homes were spraypainted, cars were keyed, and brakelines cut. Photos of the damage can be found at Scott Tribe's blog. All of the major candidates issued a joint statement denouncing the vandalism.

I was floored when I heard about the vandalism, but was even more disturbed last night. We had friends over who live two doors away from one of the vandalized homes. Their neighbours' home was spraypainted and the car keyed. However, it wasn't until they called the police to report the vandalism that they were warned to check their brakelines - which were indeed cut. Had the police not warned them that this was part of the psychopathic vandals' attacks, they could very well have died - all routes leading from their house head downhill.

I can't imagine what could lead someone (or several someones) to have carried out these attacks. Vandalism isn't a strong enough term - this crosses over into attempted murder, and if those who carried it out are found, they should be charged appropriately.

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