Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guelph - Awaiting the by-election call

With Brenda Chamberlain's resignation, we are currently without a Member of Parliament in Guelph. The by-election hasn't been called yet, but the campaign has certainly begun. All the local papers are filled with ads for the various candidates. I've received flyers for the Liberal and Green candidates and I've seen ads for fundraisers and talks for the NDP. And just now, I received a phone call asking whether I'd consider voting for the Conservative candidate. In case you're wondering, I politely said no to the volunteer, rather than saying that I'd rather chew off my own leg.

If I were Stephen Harper, I'd get cracking on calling that by-election. The university is out for the summer, and I rather suspect that his candidate will not benefit from having the student vote in town, particularly if the NDP decides to engage in another all-out campaign blitz like they did in Outremont. Of course, he's not really one to care about filling vacant seats in Parliament, as attested to by past by-elections and the increasingly empty Senate. Of course, I'm eager for a campaign to give me fodder for the blog through the summer, so perhaps my opinion is a bit biased!

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