Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Headline News: Globe and Mail regurgitates published history as breaking investigative news

I'm pissed this morning, on a professional level, by this alleged "story" in today's Globe and Mail. Apparently a pair of intrepid reporters have ventured into the National Archives, and found documents pointing to the fact that the federal government was warned about tuberculosis in its residential schools for aboriginal children, and yet did nothing.

Before I launch into my snark, let me first state that yes, I know that the residential schools system was horrific, and yes, these findings are accurate. What is peeving me is how these journalists are passing this off as news, and have the balls to include a quote in their "story" from a published historian, John Milloy, who has included this information in his 1999 book, A National Crime. Any of the students who have taken my courses on aboriginal history could have told you about the TB epidemics in these schools, and about the fact that the government, in a cost-cutting mode, did almost nothing to rectify this and the legions of other problems in these schools. It's shoddy journalism to present this as "news" based on some miraculous investigation. Historians have spent years plowing through those documents and have published many books and articles based on this research. These "investigative reporters" should try turning to the published record before reinventing the wheel!


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post #200 - A post of little significance

I've been a very bad blogger of late. In theory, I should have posts here on the May-Dion alliance, the Belleville Mohawk protest, the Manitoba election, and the Ontario referendum, for starters.

It is however, April, which is marking season. But I can't even blame my negligence on that. I've been done marking for a week. I have, however, been rather distracted by house-hunting for a week. The ordeal is now over, and I should be back in action with that final hurdle settled.

Seeing as I now have a place lined up in Guelph, and will be a resident by June, I suppose it's time for me to bone up on my understanding of proportional representation, since I'll have a vote on this one. I'm sure that my friends Mark Greenan, and Idealistic Pragmatist will be happy to get me started.

Regular blogging should resume shortly - and then suddenly assume an Ontario focus in a month.


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Posting a recipe

My apologies for the lack of blogging activity since the Quebec election. It's end of term right now, and I've been putting my students' needs ahead of those of my gentle readers. Right now, I am one unmarked paper away from being finished all my teaching work for the term. I also have a wicked cold, and I suspect the two are connected.

So, in lieu of a post, I give you this link to a Hot Cross Buns recipe from my husband's blog. Neither of us is religious, but there are some traditions that we continue to observe, most of which centre around food. Speaking of which, deep-fried Cadbury's Creme Eggs are delicious, and don't let anyone tell you differently!


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