Monday, February 06, 2006

Cabinet appointments - joining the Progressive echo chamber

A few nasty surprises and disappointments in today's cabinet:

1) So, David Emerson has crossed the floor from the Liberals to join the Conservative cabinet. Cue the howls of outrage and sexist epithets from the right-wing blogosphere.

2) Rather than appoint one of his newly elected or long-serving MPs, Harper has chosen to appoint his campaign co-chair. Michel Fortier, as Minister of Public Works. That's the way to show confidence in your back bench.

3) Fortier will enter cabinet by being appointed as a Senator. I'm sorry, I thought that the Conservatives wanted to move to an elected Senate. It seems a bit early to be violating that principle, and for such a nefarious purpose.

4) I'm sorry to see that James Moore, the up-and-comer from BC, did not get a Cabinet nod. I guess that Stockwell Day's credentials were too impressive to pass up.

More to come later, as the dust settles.

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