Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Would you like tax cuts with your dim sum?

I'm currently on a research trip to Ottawa, buried in archival boxes, which is why I haven't been either paying much attention to or blogging about the election. I had hoped that this would also help me get into the festive spirit, and allow me focus on friends and family for the season.

My cunning plan was going along well until Sunday. My husband and I had headed out to Yangtze for a nice meal of dim sum with a friend of ours. Although he works for the NDP, we'd managed to keep most of our weekend conversation on non-political topics. Then, we noticed a group of three people heading around the restaurant, handing out pamphlets. Our first reaction was "They're not actually campaigning in here, are they?". But yes they were. Keith Fountain, Conservative candidate in Ottawa Centre was campaigning in the middle of people's Sunday lunch.

That has to be one of the more offensive campaign strategies I've ever encountered. I don't like it when people try to sell me roses in a restaurant. I certainly don't want to be campaigned to over my meal, especially when I can't just not answer the door or the phone. I definitely don't want it from a Conservative candidate. If I lived in the riding, I would vote against him for that reason alone.

Fortunately, he was unable to spoil my appreciation of har gao and siu mai, and my friend was able to rattle his composure with some pointed questions.

If you want to guarantee that you won't be elected, then go and irritate people in the middle of their relaxation time!

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