Monday, November 09, 2009

Canada's Economic Action Plan: Now Creating Advertizing Jobs!

I guess this story can safely be placed in the "a braindead gopher could have foreseen that this would provoke problems" file. Not that I personally care all that much that an American company was contracted to paint signs to advertize the B.C. and Canadian governments' stimulus spending. But it's hardly the first time that this sort of issue has landed a government in trouble.

For me, the bigger issue is how much taxpayer money is being spent pimping "Canada's Economic Action Plan". I suppose it's creating jobs in advertizing. Why, between those ads and the "Save Local Television"/"Keep Cable Fees Low" spending spree, something like 50 short-term jobs must have been created, right? I mean, where else are those terrible actors going to get work? [/end dripping sarcasm]

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At 11:37 am, Anonymous Vancouver realtor said...

What's the excuse this time. IS Canadian paint is too expensive? Maybe there's a shortage of paint here? It proves once again that Harper and his team don't care about creating jobs here in Canada. Keep it up Mr Harper soon you'll be loosing your job. This is the Conservative legacy. Job loses...



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