Monday, June 15, 2009

Language flap - CBC and CTV feed the trolls

Around noon today, CBC News and CTV News had posted stories that two anglophone bands were being dropped from a concert for Quebec's Fete Nationale. Predictably, the trolls flooded the comment boards denouncing Quebec, the French language, bilingualism, etc.

But here's the interesting twist. By 2 PM, Quebec culture minister Christine St-Pierre had denounced the decision, and she was joined by PQ culture critic Pierre Curzi by mid-afternoon. By 5:36, La Presse was reporting that the decision to exclude the anglophone groups had been overturned. But by 9:30 PM, both CTV and CBC were still running "Anglos excluded" headlines on their main news pages.

Irresponsible journalism? Unilingual laziness? Or just sensational troll-feeding? I suspect a combination of all three. And it irritates me profoundly. In the era of Twitter and blogs, our main English news sources should not be hours behind their French counterparts on breaking news.

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At 9:45 am, Blogger Brian Busby said...

I'd wager Irresponsibility, laziness and sensationalism all come into play. Having followed the story out of the corner of my eye for much of the day, I was surprised to learn during As It Happens that the decision to exclude had been overturned. This came not from Barbara Budd or Carol Off, but from Lake of Stew's Richard Rigby reached 'earlier today'. Rigby's news that the decision had been overturned appears to have no effect in the lead-in, which maintained that the band 'has been stricken from the menu'. I reveal my something of myself in writing that I expect better from the CBC.


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