Monday, December 08, 2008

Quebec Election - Three quick tidbits

I probably should have been blogging the Quebec election, but I'm glad that I didn't jinx it. Here are three quickie observations:

1) Jean Charest has made a bit of history here - he's the first Quebec premier since Maurice Duplessis to win three consecutive elections. To be fair, his record is a little less impressive in light of the minority government in between his two majorities (compared to Duplessis' four consecutive majorities), but then again, he didn't have to rely on the dead turning out to vote.

2) Mario Dumont has resigned as head of the ADQ. If he doesn't reconsider, this means the end of that party. Mario Dumont is the ADQ. It's rather like asking your body to keep functioning after the brain and heart have been removed.

3) Amir Khadir won the Mercier seat for Québec Solidaire, the new left-wing party in the province. This is even more impressive when you note that he defeated Daniel Turp - a reasonably high-profile Péquiste incumbent and the go-to constitutional expert for the separatist parties.

It's a slight silver lining after the last week of mayhem in Ottawa. At least it means that for the next four years we won't be looking at a referendum. Which is a good thing, in light of Harper's recent Quebec-bashing and politics of division.

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At 12:10 pm, Anonymous Mark S. said...

Will the ADQ continue as a tiny rump or will the PLQ quickly absorb it? (I recall some MNAs being induced to jump-ship recently, just before the election)

At 8:36 pm, Blogger Matt said...

It's hard to tell which direction the ADQ will go. They occupy that strange middle ground between the other two parties. I imagine that some diehards will stick it out. Others might join either of the other two parties, depending on whether their fiscal/social conservatism or their sovereignist leanings are more important to them.


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