Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Noriega on our northern border?" Boisclair and the United States

A thought occurred to me about the revelations of Andre Boisclair's cocaine use in the past. According to this Leger poll, pointed out to me by Justin at Holy Beaver, the vast majority of Quebec voters don't think that this revelation matters to them. I'm curious to see if those numbers hold up, but let's assume that they do. Let's also assume that Boisclair wins the leadership and that his personal popularity helps the PQ win a referendum on sovereignty.

Can you picture the reaction in the United States of an independent Quebec on their northern border run by a former cocaine user?! That mental image makes a tiny little part of me root for Boisclair and for a referendum win. I somehow suspect that his drug profile never came up on his Harvard application.

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At 6:50 pm, Blogger J. Kelly said...

Keep in mind that the United States is currently being run by a former cocaine user. Alleged former cocaine user, he said to avoid libel.

At 9:34 pm, Anonymous Justin said...

I think the USA would be more afraid of Boisclair's homosexuality. I mean, the election of a gay man in Quebec logically leads to man-on-dog sex in Alabama, so I am sure the religious right will be hooting and hollering for Operation Prevent Gay Men From Obtaining Positions of Power As It Will Logically Lead To Good Christian Having Gay Sex Because Those Gays Are Too Damn Good Looking For Their Own Good.

At 11:02 am, Anonymous Keith said...

Since when does cocaine matter when trying to apply to Harvard?


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