Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Maine, Maryland, and hopefully Washington!

Yes, yes, Obama won, and I'm relieved.

But perhaps more historic is the fact that on the four ballot measures dealing with equal marriage for same-sex marriage, supporters of marriage equality have already been declared the winners in Maine and Maryland, they are currently leading in Washington, and it looks like a measure to ban same sex marriage in Minnesota is going down to defeat.  This is really noteworthy, as every time in the past that this issue has been put to American voters, marriage equality has been defeated.  And that, I must say, is cause for some hope after this incredibly divisive election.

(For those who are wondering, I haven't abandoned blogging - despite appearances to the contrary - but various editorial and teaching responsibilities are keeping me pretty darned occupied at the moment.  I'm hoping to return in full force in the winter, with a few intermittent posts between now and then.)

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